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Presbyterian Academy Pwani started way back in 1978, then being called St. Margaret’s Nursery School.  By the end of the year, it had 25 pupils.  Due to the expansion both in pupil enrolment and later the physical infrastructure, the parents and the church saw it befitting to roll over to a primary school. This was started under a clear vision of propagating a Holistic child development guided by the church’s mission of reaching to everyone and professing God’s love through this social and practical gospel of nurturing the young in Christian   foundation.  In respect of the value the church attaches to the Kenyan child, the school admits pupils from other religions as well; Islamic faith, to be precise.

In 1997 there was a change of name from St. Margaret’s Nursery School to Presbyterian Academy Pwani Presbyterian Academy Pwani is  entirely a Presbyterian Church of East Africa, St. Margaret’s facility.  It’s sponsored by the church and run by a school  management board, appointed by the Kirk Session   Committee.

We are a mixed day and boarding primary school offering the 8-4-4 system of education including computer studies. We also run an ECDE section covering, Baby Class, Nursery and Pre-unit.

The first K.C.P.E. was done in 2006 and we scored a mean score of 322.

It has a population of 278 pupils and 24 staff- teaching and non- teaching.  By all means, this is a quality staff able to build synergy to scale up the school to greater and     desired heights.  All staff work harmoniously for the    welfare of the pupils.

Presbyterian Academy Pwani enjoys an atmosphere with a good breeze from the sea due to its proximity.  The road network is amazing and the school is accessible from all corners by vehicular means.  The school enjoys a modern assembly hall and a kitchen/dining  facility.  There are adequate facilities for the mental and physical growth of the young children.