A Message from the Administrative Assistant

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you and your family to
Presbyterian Academy Pwani.

Presbyterian Academy Pwani is committed to providing complete and quality
education with a view to turning out well-groomed pupils that will
contribute immensely to our society. I believe you will find our family to
be an open and friendly one, with a sincere desire for parents to take an
active part in their children’s schooling.

Please browse through this website as a starting point in the journey for
the selection of an enabling environment that will best meet your child’s

The next step should include an appointment to have a school tour. This, I
believe, is an important part of the school selection process. I believe
our schools’ atmosphere will match your expectations for your child or
ward’s education. It is most important that children are happy and engaged
during their experience at Presbyterian Academy Pwani.

At Presbyterian Academy Pwani, we aim to provide our pupils with
educational opportunities that will enable them to reach their full
potential and achieve success academically, spiritually, socially and
personally. Our 8.4.4. and C.B.C curriculum is inclusive and developmental.
Pupils are challenged to extend their skills and knowledge in a caring and
supportive environment.

With an experience of almost three decade, The teaching and non teaching
staff of Presbyterian Academy Pwani are an enthusiastic and experienced
team of people who are committed to excellence and to making a positive
difference to student outcomes.

We want our pupils to feel safe and happy. We want them to enjoy learning
and achieve highly. We want them to develop positive social skills, healthy
relationship values and a strong sense of themselves as individuals.

Presbyterian Academy Pwani is a friendly and dynamic community. There are
opportunities for parental involvement. I hope that through your
participation and interest you will come to feel very much a part of our
school and its community.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mrs. Grace N. Karu
School Administrative Assistant